Public CBBC celebrates five years of operation

More than 3000 donations to Public CBBC during its five-year operation
Live online Info session with Public CBBC experts for the general public and future parents

Discover Public CBBC’s new official song and its creator

Public CBBC – of the Haematology Department of the University Hospital of Crete – celebrates five years of operation. Committed to its role, it continues to play its part in Public Health by providing state-of-the-art processing and banking of cord blood units (CBUs) free-of-charge, delivering and ensuring high quality grafts, with the aim to enrich availability in the International Donor Registry for use by any compatible patient who is in need of an allogenic HSCs (hematopoietic stem cell) transplant.

In its five-year operation, CBBC has achieved more than 3000 cord blood donations, while through the National Transplant Organisation a significant number of CBUs has been made available to the International Registry. An additional 100 CBUs will be standardised and be made available in the foreseeable future.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the value of cord blood and its attributes is once again highlighted, as it is recommended by WMDA as a safe source for HSCs for transplants.

Public CBBC’s goal is to enrich the National and International Registries on cord blood, with a special focus on rare HLAs haplotypes, to achieve diverse ethic representation in order to cover transplant needs of all patients as well as those with an ethnic background from Crete.

An important aspect of Public CBBC work throughout these years, has been to raise awareness and educate the general public on the value of donation and the documented usefulness of cord blood in the treatment of haematological diseases/malignancies. In this frame, on Tuesday 20th April, Public CBBC through its social media  (Facebook   twitter @PublicCBBC  YouTube Cord Blood Bank Crete) presents  Οlinas song «It’s not a secret anymore» for its five year anniversary.

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