Stem Cell Awareness Week 14 – 18 November 2022

#StemCellAwarenessWeek2022    #DonateCordBlood

Live & online events, open to Parents, Students, Healthcare Professionals, the Public and media

– The HQs of Region of Crete ( & South Aegean ( on November 15th to raise awareness on cord blood donation/banking and the therapeutic properties and advances in the field. For the first time, all four HQs of Crete’s prefectures – Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, Lasithi – will also illuminate on the day. This year, the awareness week is under the auspices of the 7th Health Region of Crete (

– Announcement & promotion of new innovative treatment and study by Public CBBC and Univ. Hospital of Heraklion (PAGNI) and the Hematology and Vascular surgery Clinics on the use of cord blood PRP in diabetic patients with chronic ulcers.

– Donation of  100 new cord blood units through Public CBBC and the National Transplant Organisation of Greece to WMDA.
– Live & Interactive sessions for Secondary School students – throughout the awareness week – with the scientists of the Public CBBC & the Haemopoiesis Research Lab, co-organised with the Regional Directorate of Secondary Education of Heraklion.
– Blood Drive & voluntary donor sign-up on the National Marrow & HSCs Registry on November 15th from 17:00-20:00 at Elefterias Square.

A public awareness kiosk will be set up where Public CBBC staff will provide information on cord blood donation and hand-outs. Co-organised with NGO ‘Aimatocritis’( in co-operation with the University Hospital of Heraklion ( and the support of Region of Crete.
The Children’s Creative Centre of Heraklion Municipality ( also participate with the aim to spread the message on cord blood donation and to promote solidarity and the active participation in volunteer acts for the benefit of citizens and society alike.

Blood Drive and information on cord blood donation and hand-outs will take place on the same date (15/11)  in Chania by NGO ‘Orizontas’( from 09-14.00& in Rethymnon, on 14th & 15th November, by the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors ‘Dotes Zois’ ( and in collaboration with ‘Omilos Vrakoforon Kritis’ (, with the cooperation/at the General Hospital of Rethymno ( from 08:00-13:00 & 16:00- 19:00

– Virtual art & photography exhibition by doctors and students of the School of Medicine UoC, and Universities abroad through-out the week 14-18 November 2022 (

– Launch of new Revamped website for Public CBBC. The enhanced website gives clear overview of Public CBBC mission, with easy access to info for expecting parents and brings to the forefront its latest research, scientific publications and innovative treatments/applications.

– Spreading the message on cord blood donation and its therapeutic properties through Public CBBC official song

– Virtual tour at Public CBBC

– Joint press releases by Public CBBC and co-organizers of the ‘Stem Cell Awareness Week’

– social media outreach by Public CBBC advancing public perception on cord blood donation and the benefits of the use of cord blood for innovative treatments
– Information hand-outs on cord blood donation through collaborating partners

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